In high school, I heard a quote in a documentary about Virginia Woolf that has stuck with me. She said, “Nothing has really happened until it has been described. So you must write many letters to your family and friends, and keep a diary.” This blog is a more modern take on that, my way of recording and sharing things, so that they have really happened. And maybe others will find this stuff interesting.

I’ve been into crafting lately, and sometimes I cook, so to start out I plan on centering my blog around my various projects. I’m a nerd, so many of them will probably be nerdy, and they lean towards relatively simple stuff that doesn’t require too many supplies.

To start off, I here are a few things I’ve made recently:

The TARDIS (from Doctor Who) made out of paper.

It’s currently hanging out on top of my stack of board games. You can find the template for it here¬†along with a ton of other amazing geeky papercrafts. This one was pretty easy – I just printed it out and used scissors and a utility knife to cut the slits for the tabs.

IUopoly game board turned into a box

I used this tutorial. This one was much more difficult and took me a whole afternoon, mainly because the cardboard was so thick and hard to cut with my measly tools. It was fun, though, and I like how it turned out. I keep some of my craft supplies in it now, but you can put pretty much anything in it.

And finally, a group of my friends and I get together once a month and have a Girls Knit In. Our first project was the Knit-a-Ninja from ThinkGeek. Here are a couple of shots of mine in action:

It’s funny how each one turns out a little differently. I’m happy with mine, it’s cute. I plan on posting a picture of all four ninjas together once our whole group is finished.

I will continue to post projects as a make them. Let me know if you’ve made any geeky crafts or know of one that you think I should make!

Also, I haven’t completely settled on my blog name. Let me know what you think about it in the poll below.