I find scavenger hunts fun, so now that I have my new camera, I decided to join in on the Scavenger Hunt Sundays in which my awesome friend Alex at Good Girl Gone Wife has been participating at Ashley Sisk’s blog:

I really enjoyed hunting down photos and practicing photography this week. So here are my pictures! (Click on them to see the full size.)

Side note: Does anyone know how to make a WordPress page wider? I’d really like to allow my photos to be much larger without having to put them in a gallery like this. I noticed the narrowness before I chose WordPress, but I figured some themes had wider pages than others. But I haven’t found one any wider than this, and it won’t let me adjust the CSS without paying for an upgrade, which is super annoying. I am thinking about switching to Blogger for this reason, but that would be a hassle, so if anyone has any tips let me know! For now, just make sure to click on my pictures so you can see them full size. 🙂