Interesting combination, right? Well, there’s no actual beer involved, just this:

I gave it to the boyfriend for his birthday because he loves Guinness, and I had seen the idea on Pinterest (naturally) which can be found here.

Basically, I just got a couple of black socks and a white sock (the kind with fuzzy stuff of the inside so the white resembles foam):

I folded over the black sock, stuffed the white sock in it so that the white sock stuck out, and messed with it until I got something that resembled beer. It was fun – I was probably more amused than the boyfriend, but he actually likes getting new socks and liked the glass so it all worked out.

I also want to show you this poster that I was given by my friend Dave and hung up in my bedroom (and you can tell I was excited about it because it takes me forever to get around to hanging things up).

All the Whovians out there will probably know what this is from – one of my very favorite episodes where the Doctor goes back in time and meets Van Gogh!