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Three-Ingredient Butterfinger Bars

Something about making homemade versions of store-bought candy bars intrigues me. I am curious to see how similar to the brand name they are, and if the fresh homemade kind may be even better. So when I saw three-ingredient butterfinger bars, I wanted to try them. I combined the recipes on Plain Chicken and Tasty Kitchen to make my own.

Based on the sizes of bags I could find at the grocery store, here is the food I used:

  • 12 oz bag of candy corn (you can often still find this in the candy isle… ah, I love candy corn)
  • 12 oz peanut butter
  • 2 cups semi-sweet chocolate chips

So first, I melted the candy corn in the microwave, stirring every thirty seconds or so until it was fully melted, close to this:

Then I stirred until the candy corn was liquidy and smooth. I took what I guessed to be about 12 oz of peanut butter, a little more than half my 18 oz jar of peanut butter:

And stirred it into the melted candy corn until it was all mixed together.

Then, I lined a medium oval baking dish with wax paper. (A square or rectangle dish would work a little better shape wise, but I left my appropriate sized square dish at a friend’s house, haha.) I put the filling into the dish and flattened it, then put it in the freezer for about 15-20 minutes until it was a little below room temperature and stiff enough to cut and dip. I cut it into bar-shaped pieces and used the parts that broke off during the process as bite-sized pieces.

Finally, it was time for dipping. I microwaved the chocolate chips in a new bowl, again stirring every 30 seconds, until they were gooey and easy to work with.

I then took each piece and rolled it around in the chocolate with a fork, making sure all sides were covered.

Finally, I tapped the fork on the side a few times to shake off excess chocolate

And put them on a baking sheet covered in waxed paper.

You can refrigerate or freeze them to speed up the hardening process, or just let them sit overnight.

They were delicious! Very much like a Butterfinger bar with the sugary peanutty flavor, but a different texure – softer and smoother on the inside, so it doesn’t get stuck in your teeth much if at all like the store-bought kind does. I actually like these better. I gave them to a few friends and coworkers, and everyone enjoyed them. As far as the process, as with many dipped candies, the hardest and most time-consuming part was the dipping part, but it was overall still pretty easy. It was worth it to me. 🙂


Crafty Pinterest Roundup

My recent weekend trips and current addiction to The Sims 3 means less crafting lately. So here are some random DIY projects (mostly found through Pinterest) that I am not planning on doing, but I think they’re great ideas. Someone else should make them. 🙂

Design Chipped Into a Dresser

As much as I like making things, I know I couldn’t pull this off, but I think it looks pretty cool. This person just took a worn, painted dresser and chipped out this scene onto it. Lovely!

Night Bike

This both looks awesome and would be practical, but I don’t ride my bike enough at night to justify all the materials and steps involved.

Peep Topiary

An adorable spring decoration, but if this was near me I’d probably just want to eat it.

Ruffly Scarf

I don’t sew (possibly an area to venture to in the future, but I’m not currently that ambitious and I’ll stick to knitting), but if you do, this might be a fun project to try.

Lego Costume

I couldn’t find the original source for this, but it’s a really cute idea. I’m sure you could make one for adults, too.

And here are a couple Christmas In July goodies. I love Christmas.

Shotgun Shell Wreath

Even my gun-loving boyfriend would approve of one of these, but shotgun shells are just too expensive to use on a wreath.

Wine Bottle Christmas Tree

I may be enough of a wine-o to do this, but I’m not enough of a hoarder!

Wine Bottle Advent Calendar

I know the original picture wasn’t for an advent calendar, but someone pinned this as an idea for an Advent Calendar. A bottle of wine every day? Sounds like a great holiday season to me!

Ramblings and Photos
It’s that time again! Needless to say, my photos have a 4th of July theme this week.
1. Patriotic
Where I currently live, my town’s 4th of July parade passes right in front of my apartment complex. This makes it inconvenient to leave for a few hours, but it’s pretty cool that I don’t have to go anywhere to see this fun parade. I thought these balloons, carried by people from a local balloon shop, were fun and very patriotic.
2. View From Above
My delicious strawberry shortcake treat from the Lion’s Club next door being viewed from above.
3. Mosaic
This is a 3D puzzle that the boyfriend put together, a mosaic of clear plastic in the shape of a sapphire diamond.
4. Something Tiny
Moshi has tiny toes, nose, and whiskers. Yes, I love taking pictures of the cats, and Moshi is an especially good model because he actually stays still.
5. Vibrant
If there was just one vibrant thing I saw this week, it was definitely the fireworks. I didn’t take this picture, the boyfriend did, but I love the shot, and I remember this moment in the show with all the pretty, sparkly white ones.

Recently I found a box of memorabilia from my past international trips, which seemed like the PERFECT opportunity to buy an International Smashbook and fill it up! Here are a few of the pages from this fun smashbook so far:

Italy and Greece were the destinations for my first international trip, so I kept just about everything I got my hands on as a souvenir. I included tickets, brochures, postcards, receipts, anything in the native language that I thought was cool like water bottle labels, etc…

I LOVED Greece so I had even more stuff from it.

And a few years later I went to New Zealand for a month, an AMAZING country and one of the best experiences of my life. I love that I can smash some of my memories into this book. It’s just so much better than keeping them all in a box to be sorted through with confusion in the distant future.

And here are a couple of London-y pages that I LOVE but haven’t filled in yet (if I do fill them in… I dunno if I want to cover the illustrations up!)

Feel free to link up here if you have any smashbook pages you want to share!

If you liked this but haven’t seen my first Smashbook post, check it out!

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

This week was another Scavenger Hunt I enjoyed. I’ve started editing my photos a little more, doing some cropping here and there and other minor things, but I leave most of them alone. I really love getting a naturally good shot without having to mess with it. This week I’m going to switch back to the normal format and not do the gallery, because a lot of people don’t bother to click on them and see them big anyway (even though they look better big!) 🙂 Linking up with Sarah Halstead this week.

1. Sunset

I didn’t see a lot of interesting sunsets this week, and usually buildings and trees are blocking my view, but I caught this cloudy one peeking between the trees and thought it was pretty.

Paper Heart Camera

2. Sweet

I could not choose between these two pictures, because I think they are both sweet. I went to my cousin Katie’s wedding yesterday, and there was this fantastic dessert bar with all these adorable and delicious desserts: cake pops, tiny cupcakes, macaroons, cheescake shooters, etc. and I just loved looking at their table. And the couple was just super cute and sweet; it was adorable watching Katie and “hot Ryan” throughout the wedding and reception and how in love they are. And how sweet it was that they didn’t stuff each other’s faces (though that would be harder to do with the tiny desserts!)

3. Hanging Around

This panda backpack and penguin, gifts I’ve given the boyfriend, are hanging around his computer chair. This subject matter has so little color anyway that it’s barely noticeable that it is in black and white. 🙂

4. Funny Face

Moshi kitty is totally making a funny face at Jasmine. They act like siblings, and this was right after some playful roughhousing, so this is only natural. I love it.

5. Space

There’s a space between the two trunks of this tree, and also I’m really taking a picture of space with a shadow under it. Also a great illustration of how brown the grass has gotten due to the worsening, hot drought here in Indiana.

I hope you all enjoyed this week’s photos!