My recent weekend trips and current addiction to The Sims 3 means less crafting lately. So here are some random DIY projects (mostly found through Pinterest) that I am not planning on doing, but I think they’re great ideas. Someone else should make them. 🙂

Design Chipped Into a Dresser

As much as I like making things, I know I couldn’t pull this off, but I think it looks pretty cool. This person just took a worn, painted dresser and chipped out this scene onto it. Lovely!

Night Bike

This both looks awesome and would be practical, but I don’t ride my bike enough at night to justify all the materials and steps involved.

Peep Topiary

An adorable spring decoration, but if this was near me I’d probably just want to eat it.

Ruffly Scarf

I don’t sew (possibly an area to venture to in the future, but I’m not currently that ambitious and I’ll stick to knitting), but if you do, this might be a fun project to try.

Lego Costume

I couldn’t find the original source for this, but it’s a really cute idea. I’m sure you could make one for adults, too.

And here are a couple Christmas In July goodies. I love Christmas.

Shotgun Shell Wreath

Even my gun-loving boyfriend would approve of one of these, but shotgun shells are just too expensive to use on a wreath.

Wine Bottle Christmas Tree

I may be enough of a wine-o to do this, but I’m not enough of a hoarder!

Wine Bottle Advent Calendar

I know the original picture wasn’t for an advent calendar, but someone pinned this as an idea for an Advent Calendar. A bottle of wine every day? Sounds like a great holiday season to me!