Combinations of two fantastic things are always fun to me, like when The Doctor says “Expelliarmus!”, the possibility of Anne Hathaway playing Julie Andrews in a movie about the author of Mary Poppins, or song mashups like Michael Jackson and Ghostbusters or Glee’s mashup of two Adele songs.

So a Carcassonne Rubik’s Cube? Of course I was going to make this. I love the tile game Carcassonne, and I happened to have a Rubik’s cube. In case you haven’t heard of this game, it is a game in which you lay down tiles that have to match up – some sides are cities, some are roads, some are farmland, and each side has to match – city to I decided to give it to my friend Erika who is also a nerdy fan of the game.

Finished Carcassonne Rubik's Cube

Here’s how I did it! It’s quite simple.


  • Rubik’s Cube
  • Printed Carcassonne tile template
  • Scissors
  • Utility knife
  • Adhesive (I used a glue stick but you could probably use other kinds of glues)

The original maker of this has a fantastic PDF template to download, so I just printed that off on regular paper, cut out one side at a time, and glued them onto the cube, making sure the sides are turned the right way so they match up.

Since the squares are slightly too big, this allowed me to cut between them using a utility knife instead of cutting them out individually and gluing them on in order (which would have taken forever).

Finally, a layer of Mod Podge as a finish (you could also use mod podge as an adhesive).

Mod Podging Carcassonne Rubik's Cube

Let it dry a few hours, and there you have it! You can jumble it up and score yourself like the normal game to have fun with it by seeing how high of a score you can get, or see if you can just match up one side at a time. Portable entertainment!