In honor of the season premier of Doctor Who a couple months ago, I felt the need to make Dalek cakes. The BBC recipe was my inspiration, but I couldn’t find “dariole moulds” (who has those?!) so I looked at a couple of other versions of daleks and came up with my own thing. It was so much work and frustrating enough that I only made one I was happy enough with, but I thought I’d share it with you:

Chocolate Dalek Cake

Not very exciting, I know, but it does resemble a dalek and is delicious.

Ingredients for Dalek Cake

I used all of the above to assemble my dalek. First, cupcakes baking.

Chocolate cupcakes

Then I stuck the cupcake upside-down using a bowl for a stand, attached a chocolate donut and mini muffin on top using frosting between them, and frosted the whole thing. Then I added the chocolate chips for the button things on the bottom and head and broke up pocky for the arms and eye. The hardest part was attaching all these and trying not to have them fall off!

At our series premier party, we had this cake and other chocolate cupcakes I made, fish fingers and custard, and blue Tardis juice. 🙂

Also, I made over a Guess Who game using the stuff the brilliant Karen Kavett put together for Guess Who: Doctor Who Edition. I basically just printed all her great templates out, cut out the cards and faces (and cut them to be smaller since this modern version has smaller plastic frames), and put them in the Guess Who board. I used a more modern version of the game and didn’t paint it, because I was going for more of a fun factor than professional-looking.

Doctor Who Guess Who

Then I printed out her outside and taped/glued that to the box, adding black where the design didn’t cover due to the different box size.

Doctor Who Guess Who box

It is really fun! I played it with my friend Aryn and we loved it. In what other game can you ask “Are you a human?”