My blog came about because I have so much fun making crafty stuff, food, and crafty food, and I wanted to share what I make with everyone in case they’d like to try it too. It’s mostly pretty basic stuff – I always say that if I can do it, you can do it!

Me with some of my best friends (left to right: Shannon, me, Matt, and Aryn). Matt is a super creative writer and helped me come up with my blog name.

A couple of other important things in my life are my cat and my passion for traveling, so those topics may pop up in my posts sometimes too. I live in Indiana, but I want to travel pretty much all over the world, so my plan is to take about one big trip every year, and I’ll have been a lot of places in 30 years!

My cat Jasmine is on the right. She’s hanging out with Moshi, the boyfriend’s cat, who is also pretty cool.

In London, March 2012

In case you are wondering about the blog title, I love all things Julie Andrews, so it seemed fitting to relate my blog to one of my favorite movies of hers, Mary Poppins.

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