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Scavenger Hunt Sunday – 1/6/13

I did this photo scavenger hunt a few times last year, but I wanted to give it a go again since the boyfriend got me a 50mm lens for Christmas, and I love it. It takes such beautiful pictures indoors in low light in particular. These were all taken this week with my new lens!


1. Breakfast


Fall pumpkin spice waffles, yumm.

2. Multi-colored

Christmas plates

So, I know there aren’t a LOT of colors involved here, but there are multiple. 🙂 These are the Christmas plates I hung in the kitchen, and I think they’re adorable and had to take a picture before sadly taking them down along with the rest of my Christmas decorations.

3. Starts with the letter C

Moshi Cat

Moshi is so darned photogenic, every time I turn around he is either handsome or adorable and I feel the need to take a picture of him. Jasmine is beautiful too, but Moshi just has such striking features. And he usually stays still unlike Jasmine. This time he was taking up my spot on the couch and cuddling with my blanket.

4. Roll

Wrapping Paper

On top is a roll of my leftover wrapping paper from this year (for presents that weren’t wrapped in word searches) and the bottom is the roll I got on post-Christmas clearance for next year.

5. Future

Doctor Who blanket

This one made me think a bit. Although you can’t see the whole thing in this photo, this is my Doctor Who Tardis blanket (also a Christmas present). Doctor Who episodes often place in the future. I’m also lying down but looking forward… into the future!

2013 is an odd number, which I don’t love, but it could turn out to be an interesting year. Happy New Year, everyone!

Ramblings and Photos
It’s that time again! Needless to say, my photos have a 4th of July theme this week.
1. Patriotic
Where I currently live, my town’s 4th of July parade passes right in front of my apartment complex. This makes it inconvenient to leave for a few hours, but it’s pretty cool that I don’t have to go anywhere to see this fun parade. I thought these balloons, carried by people from a local balloon shop, were fun and very patriotic.
2. View From Above
My delicious strawberry shortcake treat from the Lion’s Club next door being viewed from above.
3. Mosaic
This is a 3D puzzle that the boyfriend put together, a mosaic of clear plastic in the shape of a sapphire diamond.
4. Something Tiny
Moshi has tiny toes, nose, and whiskers. Yes, I love taking pictures of the cats, and Moshi is an especially good model because he actually stays still.
5. Vibrant
If there was just one vibrant thing I saw this week, it was definitely the fireworks. I didn’t take this picture, the boyfriend did, but I love the shot, and I remember this moment in the show with all the pretty, sparkly white ones.

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

This week was another Scavenger Hunt I enjoyed. I’ve started editing my photos a little more, doing some cropping here and there and other minor things, but I leave most of them alone. I really love getting a naturally good shot without having to mess with it. This week I’m going to switch back to the normal format and not do the gallery, because a lot of people don’t bother to click on them and see them big anyway (even though they look better big!) 🙂 Linking up with Sarah Halstead this week.

1. Sunset

I didn’t see a lot of interesting sunsets this week, and usually buildings and trees are blocking my view, but I caught this cloudy one peeking between the trees and thought it was pretty.

Paper Heart Camera

2. Sweet

I could not choose between these two pictures, because I think they are both sweet. I went to my cousin Katie’s wedding yesterday, and there was this fantastic dessert bar with all these adorable and delicious desserts: cake pops, tiny cupcakes, macaroons, cheescake shooters, etc. and I just loved looking at their table. And the couple was just super cute and sweet; it was adorable watching Katie and “hot Ryan” throughout the wedding and reception and how in love they are. And how sweet it was that they didn’t stuff each other’s faces (though that would be harder to do with the tiny desserts!)

3. Hanging Around

This panda backpack and penguin, gifts I’ve given the boyfriend, are hanging around his computer chair. This subject matter has so little color anyway that it’s barely noticeable that it is in black and white. 🙂

4. Funny Face

Moshi kitty is totally making a funny face at Jasmine. They act like siblings, and this was right after some playful roughhousing, so this is only natural. I love it.

5. Space

There’s a space between the two trunks of this tree, and also I’m really taking a picture of space with a shadow under it. Also a great illustration of how brown the grass has gotten due to the worsening, hot drought here in Indiana.

I hope you all enjoyed this week’s photos!

Photo Scavenger Hunt

I find scavenger hunts fun, so now that I have my new camera, I decided to join in on the Scavenger Hunt Sundays in which my awesome friend Alex at Good Girl Gone Wife has been participating at Ashley Sisk’s blog:

I really enjoyed hunting down photos and practicing photography this week. So here are my pictures! (Click on them to see the full size.)

Side note: Does anyone know how to make a WordPress page wider? I’d really like to allow my photos to be much larger without having to put them in a gallery like this. I noticed the narrowness before I chose WordPress, but I figured some themes had wider pages than others. But I haven’t found one any wider than this, and it won’t let me adjust the CSS without paying for an upgrade, which is super annoying. I am thinking about switching to Blogger for this reason, but that would be a hassle, so if anyone has any tips let me know! For now, just make sure to click on my pictures so you can see them full size. 🙂

New camera!

I’ve been wanting a DSLR camera ever since my photography tour in London in March, where I learned a few of the cool things they could do and felt like my little, older camera was inferior. I loved it and it was very portable, but I wanted to step up to the big leagues. And so the other day, I went out and bought this thing!


It actually came with that nice camera bag, which I’m sure will come in handy at some point. And of course the above photo was taken with my relatively crappy camera phone, which I have been using on the blog thus far – the next couple of posts will be with my phone camera as well, but soon they will have better photos. You can compare with the first few pictures I took with the lovely Canon:

My kitty cat, Jasmine.

I thought this looked kinda like a tornado.

I came across a tiny baby bird that looked like it had fallen out of the tree and couldn’t fly back up! Poor little thing!

All the different settings on this fascinating gadget were kind of overwhelming at first, but I am determined to gradually learn more about it and get the hang of the manual mode. If anyone with experience has tips, I’d be happy to hear if there’s anything important/useful I should know, or something you’ve learned that you wish you had known right away. I’m loving it so far, but I have a ways to go!