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Ramblings and Photos
It’s that time again! Needless to say, my photos have a 4th of July theme this week.
1. Patriotic
Where I currently live, my town’s 4th of July parade passes right in front of my apartment complex. This makes it inconvenient to leave for a few hours, but it’s pretty cool that I don’t have to go anywhere to see this fun parade. I thought these balloons, carried by people from a local balloon shop, were fun and very patriotic.
2. View From Above
My delicious strawberry shortcake treat from the Lion’s Club next door being viewed from above.
3. Mosaic
This is a 3D puzzle that the boyfriend put together, a mosaic of clear plastic in the shape of a sapphire diamond.
4. Something Tiny
Moshi has tiny toes, nose, and whiskers. Yes, I love taking pictures of the cats, and Moshi is an especially good model because he actually stays still.
5. Vibrant
If there was just one vibrant thing I saw this week, it was definitely the fireworks. I didn’t take this picture, the boyfriend did, but I love the shot, and I remember this moment in the show with all the pretty, sparkly white ones.

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

This week was another Scavenger Hunt I enjoyed. I’ve started editing my photos a little more, doing some cropping here and there and other minor things, but I leave most of them alone. I really love getting a naturally good shot without having to mess with it. This week I’m going to switch back to the normal format and not do the gallery, because a lot of people don’t bother to click on them and see them big anyway (even though they look better big!) 🙂 Linking up with Sarah Halstead this week.

1. Sunset

I didn’t see a lot of interesting sunsets this week, and usually buildings and trees are blocking my view, but I caught this cloudy one peeking between the trees and thought it was pretty.

Paper Heart Camera

2. Sweet

I could not choose between these two pictures, because I think they are both sweet. I went to my cousin Katie’s wedding yesterday, and there was this fantastic dessert bar with all these adorable and delicious desserts: cake pops, tiny cupcakes, macaroons, cheescake shooters, etc. and I just loved looking at their table. And the couple was just super cute and sweet; it was adorable watching Katie and “hot Ryan” throughout the wedding and reception and how in love they are. And how sweet it was that they didn’t stuff each other’s faces (though that would be harder to do with the tiny desserts!)

3. Hanging Around

This panda backpack and penguin, gifts I’ve given the boyfriend, are hanging around his computer chair. This subject matter has so little color anyway that it’s barely noticeable that it is in black and white. 🙂

4. Funny Face

Moshi kitty is totally making a funny face at Jasmine. They act like siblings, and this was right after some playful roughhousing, so this is only natural. I love it.

5. Space

There’s a space between the two trunks of this tree, and also I’m really taking a picture of space with a shadow under it. Also a great illustration of how brown the grass has gotten due to the worsening, hot drought here in Indiana.

I hope you all enjoyed this week’s photos!

I just want to take a break from the usual crafty stuff to share with you a few pet products that I love. I’ve had a bunch of different pets over the years, my favorite of which were several cats, a dog, and a sweet hamster. If you have any of those pets, you might be interested in these:

Bergan Turbo Scratcher

This thing is the BEST cat toy. Ever. The Amazon reviews testify that at least 95% of cats like it and play with it. Basically, it’s just a round thing with a little ball that goes round and round, with a cardboard scratcher in the middle. I think it took a couple of weeks for Jasmine to figure out what it does, but once she did she was fascinated and could not stop playing with it. Now, both of our cats play with it multiple times a day, and often they will pass it back and forth to each other, which is completely adorable. They love the scratcher thing, too – depending on the number of cats you have, it needs to be replaced every 1-3 months or so, but it’s only about $5 for two replacement scratchers on Amazon. The two things main things that make this win over other toys:

  • No batteries that need replacing!
  • No parts or small things that can get lost under the refrigerator. Cats can’t get the ball out no matter how hard they try.
  • I can be lazy, and they can play with it when I’m not around.

Choker Collar for Dogs

If you are interested in training your dog, which I highly recommend you do so that you and your dog are both happy and safe, this is the first purchase you should make. Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to use treats to train your dog. You can use a non-painful collar (avoid the spiky ones, especially if you have a tame, not-huge dog) to quickly bring their attention to what they should be doing, and then reward them with lots of praise when they do it right. This will eventually teach them to obey you because they want to make you happy even without the collar on, not just to get food, in case food is not on hand when you need them to come to you instead of running away. I could write a whole essay on this, but in short, I love these things, and they make for effective long-term dog training.

Storage Tub (for hamsters)

This may sound weird, but those little tiny hamster cages that cost $20-50 don’t give your little buddies much room to run around in. Buy one of those big storage bins from any big box store, a hamster wheel, and a water feeder, and your hamster will be perfectly happy and still can’t escape. These tubs are also much easier to clean, you don’t have to clean them as often, and you can just reach in and scoop the tiny thing up without needing to open a cage door.

Blue Buffalo Food for Cats and Dogs

This stuff is some of the best you can get for your pet – high in protein and nutritionally complete. If you’re going to feed your pet mostly dry food (like I do) it should be something healthy like this. The cheap food is full of fillers and carbs and won’t give your carnivore what it really needs, and long-term it can cause health problems like digestion issues and allergies. I was using a brand similar to this for a long time (Natural Choice), and we just recently switched the cats to this and they seem to like it.

And, just for fun:

Cat Scratch DJ

My thriftiness wouldn’t allow me to buy this myself, but how fun is it?!


There is this fantastic product called a SMASHbook that is basically a more casual, quicker, easier way to scrapbook for those of us lazier types. You just smash whatever you want into your book, and the pages come pre-decorated, so you don’t have to worry about it too much. I collect bits and pieces from all the events, shows, and places I travel to, and then I don’t end up doing anything with them. So when I first saw this, I loved it.

I got a kit for my birthday with a retro blue book.


(I haven’t decorated the cover yet.) The kit also included decorative tape, pockets. a mini notepad, a pen that has a glue stick at the other end, and a few other things, and I’ve been smashing in it enthusiastically ever since. Here are a few of the pages from my SMASHbook so far:


Just some of  the bunches of stuff I had  to smash in from my trip to London and Cardiff.


I also smashed about my job:


and my kitty cat!


I also have pages about the weddings/showers I’ve been going to this season, my trip to Detroit a couple weeks ago, and other random stuff. I may post more about smashing at some point since I have so much fun with it, but I wanted to share a bit about it with you all now. 🙂

K&Company says it well on the SMASH website:

“For all the things that matter,

And for all the things that don’t.

For all the stuff that’s too good to forget.

For any reason and for no good reason at all.

For all the good ideas, life lists,

Conversations & happenings…

Live it up, glue it down, and SMASH it in.