Recently I found a box of memorabilia from my past international trips, which seemed like the PERFECT opportunity to buy an International Smashbook and fill it up! Here are a few of the pages from this fun smashbook so far:

Italy and Greece were the destinations for my first international trip, so I kept just about everything I got my hands on as a souvenir. I included tickets, brochures, postcards, receipts, anything in the native language that I thought was cool like water bottle labels, etc…

I LOVED Greece so I had even more stuff from it.

And a few years later I went to New Zealand for a month, an AMAZING country and one of the best experiences of my life. I love that I can smash some of my memories into this book. It’s just so much better than keeping them all in a box to be sorted through with confusion in the distant future.

And here are a couple of London-y pages that I LOVE but haven’t filled in yet (if I do fill them in… I dunno if I want to cover the illustrations up!)

Feel free to link up here if you have any smashbook pages you want to share!

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