nutter butter turkey

I made a dozen of these adorable creatures for Thanksgiving. I credit Seven7th House on the Left for this recipe, but they only have a picture of the finished product, so I’m going to walk through some of the middle steps as well. These were fun to make, though time-consuming at about 10 minutes apiece (not counting the effort it took to find all the ingredients). The ingredients were also kind of expensive when they’re added up, but I enjoyed making them and there were a bunch of leftover parts.

Parts of the turkey:

  • Nutter Butters (body)
  • Betty Crocker cookie icing (to glue everything together – it’s about 6 turkeys per tube)
  • Brown mini M&Ms (these make the cutest eyes, I made reindeer cookies using them last year)
  • Orange Jelly Bellys (feet
  • Red Jelly Bellys (gobbler thingy)
  • Yellow Jelly Bellys (beak)
  • Reeses Cups (wing base)
  • Nabisco Famous Chocolate Wafers (back of wing base and overall turkey base)
  • Candy Corn (wings)


  Once you’ve found all the ingredients, which is best done at a large grocery store with lots of selection, you can get started. I used a simple plate to assemble my turkeys before transferring them to their transport container with a paper towel lining so they didn’t move around. First, I glued a Reeses cup to a chocolate wafer with icing, matching up the bottom edges. Then I added a line of icing to the top to glue on the candy corn wings.

reeses with icing - beginning of nutter butter turkey

Then, I glued the Nutter Butter to the Reeses cup and added a puffy T shape to apply the face to.

middle of making of nutter butter turkey

The last steps are just sticking on the eyes, beak, then gobbler in the right spots, then gluing another chocolate wafer to the body and adding the feet.


The above were my first two little gobbler buddies; they have a special place in my heart.

Nutter Butter turkeys

A rafter of turkeys. Yep, I looked it up, and a group of turkeys is called a rafter or gang. They’re tougher than they look.

Nutter Butter turkeys

Several of my family members commented that they were too cute to eat, including my animal-hating cousin Jeremy. Others agreed that they are like “a work of art” that they didn’t want to destroy. But they all got eaten in the end anyway. I ate one and enjoyed pulling it apart and eating all the bits.

So there you have it! if you want to make a turkey for the vegetarian in your life that’s not Tofurkey, make them one of these. I’m sure they’ll enjoy it like I did.